Switch to eStatements and cut the unnecessary piles of paperwork. eStatements allow you to access your bank statements at any time from anywhere with Internet access.  Eliminate the paper trail of information, reduce clutter, and replace it with added security to help safeguard your identity.  Plus, eStatements are much better for the environment than their paper counterparts.

eStatement Summary

  • Free, secure and easy-to-use service for Pillar Bank customers
  • Access to statements, anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Immediate access statements; no waiting on the mail
  • Receive a monthly email notice when a new eStatement is ready to view
  • Eliminate paper storage hassles and time wasted organizing or searching for a particular statement
  • Reduce a paper trail of your private information; more secure
  • Less paper is more environmentally friendly
  • Easily print or download to your computer or other storage device

To opt in:

  • Login to your online banking account
  • Click Documents from the menu on the left
  • Select Statements in the document type dropdown box and desired date range
  • Accept the eStatement agreement
  • View the test document (you must do this step to activate the ability to receive eStatements)
  • Select all the accounts you would like to receive eStatements
  • On the first of each month you will get an email notifying you of your statements availability.  To view the statement log into your Online Account and select Documents and view statements.

eSafe Statement Access Summary

To receive eStatement without Online Banking, we offer the option to access your account statements via a safe and secure website called eSafe.  Once signed up for eSafe on the first day of each month you will receive an email notifying you of your statements availability.  You will then login to your eSafe account to access your statements.  To sign up to receive your statements via eSafe, visit any office or contact Customer Service at (800) 499-4362.